AeroWash Recall

The Suncoast First Aid team have been issued with a recall notice for AeroWash.
This is “very serious” and we’ve reached out to affected customers. If you have any questions please complete the below form.

Notice Information from the Aero Healthcare website

AeroWash Recall Response Card – ARTG: 159438 – TGA Reference: RC-2023-RN-01069-1

After consultation with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Aero Healthcare is conducting a Medical Device Recall action and notification of certain batches of AeroWash Eyewash and Wound Irrigation (15mL and 30mL). Please note you will not be affected by this recall if you have not received these batches during 2023.

TGA Reference Number: RC-2023-RN-01069-1
Affected Product: AEROWASH Eyewash and Wound Irrigation (15 mL & 30 mL)
Affected Product Code: AW1000, AW1060, AW3010, AW3030″
Mfg Date: Jan 2023 and May 2023

> Read full write up on Aero website here

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