Construction Workplace First Aid Kit (high risk 30+) Refill

$215.96 (Incl. GST)

SKU: C-HR30+-Refill
Case Type: Portable Plastic, Portable Soft Case, Wall Mount

A comprehensive First Aid Kit, suitable for heavy industry, this kit has been designed for the types of injuries that may occur in this environment.

This kit complies with Workplace Health and Safety and Australian Code of Practice

First Aid Kit Contains
6Bio Hazard BagsAmputated Parts & Waste
2Large blood loss dressingWound Dressing
2Medium blood loss dressingWound Dressing
1Sharps containerSharps disposal
210 x 10cm non adhesive dressingCover wounds
67.5 x cm non adhesive dressingCover Wounds
410 x 7.5cm non adhesive dressingCover wounds
4Triangular bandagesMaking slings
25cm crepe bandageHolds dressings
37.5 cm crepe bandageHolds dressings
2No 14 wound dressingWound cover
2No 15 wound dressingWound cover
10Eye padsEmergency eye cover
507.5 x 7.5 cm GauzeCleaning wounds
1Instant cold packManagement srains, sprains and bruises
10GlovesInfection control
1Resus MaskFor resuscitation
10Sterile saline Emergency eye wash
1Guide to First Aid Booket/CPR chart First Aid information
1Splinter forceps s/s Removing foreign bodies
12Safety pins Securing bandages and slings
1Stainless steel scissors 12.5cm s/b Cutting dressings and clothing
1Zinc oxide tape Securing dressings and strapping
1Antiseptic liquid spray Wound cleaning
10Splinter probes Removing foreign bodies
100Adhesive premium strips Wound cover
1Gallipot Washing wound
1Kidney dish Holding dressings
1Note pad and pen Recording Data
210 cm Heavy crepe bandage Supportive Bandage
10Burn gel sachets Minor burn management
100Double ended applicators Wound cleansing
10Cleansing wipe 1% cetrimide BP Wound cleaning
1Emergency blanket Shock management
35cm Conforming bandage Cover wounds
37.5cm Conforming bandage Cover wounds
1Eye cup/wash 500ml Eye wash
1Trauma Combine Dressing 20 x 90cmCovers major wound
22.5cm Conforming BandageCovers Wounds
110cm Conforming BandageCovers Wounds
2Small Island DressingCover with Pad
2Medium Island DressingCover with Pad
1Wound Closure Strips
6mm x 75mm
Holds wound together
1SplintPrevents Movment

Note: contents of kits may vary from photo image.

Please Note: The information contained here is not a substitute for professional medical advice.


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